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vintage pedal enclosure


Weight 0.75 lbs
Manufacturer GAPco
Our Price: £12.00
Inc. VAT


Pressed Steel Vintage pedal enclosure, 1960s style. Pre-drilled to accept 3 potentiometers with 6mm bushes, for example, our part number SKU6641. Each enclosure is supplied with 4 round rubber feet. Please note that screws for the feet which also attach back of the enclosure are not included, and we recommend using #8 x 1/2" Pan Head Phillips Sheet Metal Screws however you may choose to use a different screw according to your own specific requirements.

Please note: This enclosure is plain, unfinished steel and the surface is liable to exhibit some minor scuffs and scratches, also rust spots when any moisture settles on the surface during storage and shipping. We recommend removing any rust that has settled on the surface by wiping it with Phosphoric acid, and with Isopropyl alcohol (99%) to clean the surface of the enclosure before finishing, priming, painting or powder coating. Should you have any questions please contact our sales team,

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