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Introducing the highest gain mini guitar amp on the market !! The SUPRO model Smokey guitar Amp is made in the USA and is housed in a ‘smoke-free’ virtually indestructible translucent Black polycarbonate box with the distinctive SUPRO badge. More gain than the Smokey Amp but still cleans-up by turning down the guitar volume. The durable 2 inch Mylar cone Alnico magnet loudspeaker has been specially designed by Bruce Zinky and is surprisingly loud for a 1 watt amplifier! Each Smokey Amp is fitted with two, high quality, CHK® jack sockets with self-cleaning corrosion resistant contacts for long term reliability. There are no controls and volume and tone adjustments are made on the guitar. The SUPRO Smokey Amp can also be used, via its output jack, to power ANY 4, 8 or 16 ohm speaker cabinet, including a 4 x 12! It can also be used on the input of another amp as a stand alone fuzz effect and it is ideal for home studio recording with a microphone for a real live sound at low volume levels. The nine volt battery (included) will last for about 10 hours of continuous playing. When you need to change the battery in your SUPRO Smokey Amp, carefully remove the 3 screws and the 2 jack socket nuts. Open the case, change the battery and replace the screws and jack socket nuts. Simple! Hand made in the USA

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