Manufacturer: Solid Gold


The Compression Machine is a retro styled optical compressor designed to deliver silky smooth compression with a blossoming release. An optical compressor relies on a photocell and LED or light source to control the dynamic range of the input signal. As the input signal increases the intensity of the LED, the photocell decreases gain thus creating compression. As the level of the input signal decreases, the gain of the amplifier stage is increased creating a sustaining effect. The beauty of an optical compressor is the smooth attack and gradual release.

The Compression Machine uses a buffered J-Fet input, low noise transistors and IC, and a selected optocoupler to deliver everything from subtle compression to heavy squash and violin like blooming sustain. True Bypass is standard as with all our pedals to deliver an unaltered bypassed signal. Unlike other compressors, the Compression Machine does not cut your treble response, ensuring a lively guitar tone with excellent presence.


* True Bypass Switching
* Low noise design
* Ultra smooth compression with gradual release
* Lively tone with minimal coloration
* Optical circuit

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