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Stage Kit from GAPco

Switchcraft SC600 Signal Router/SplitterWe may be guitar amp and pedal specialists, but GAPco still has room for some handy bits of stage kit to take care of all your gigging needs.

First up, ever wanted to break loose from the confines of cables and take your guitar to the outer limits? With the stageClix Jack Wireless System for electric and bass guitars you can do just that. Wireless systems have existed for some time, but this digital system means there no compander loss or distortion – your playing will resound at CD quality with bandwidth that’s 20Hz to 20kHz, ±1dB.

And how about a piece of kit to adapt audio from one device to another? That’s what you get in the compact but perfectly formed Switchcraft SC600 Signal Router/Splitter, which allows any of its connections to be used as inputs or outputs.

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