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PP3 style battery snaps: SKU506, SKU507


Free UK Delivery!

Our battery snaps are replacements suitable for most 9 volt pedals. We sell these as a minimum 5 items per order at a very resonable price!

PP3 style battery snap connector, rigid, side entry.

Battery Snaps at GAPco

Plastic Jack Sockets

Jack sockets are plentifully supplied at GAPco spares. We stock nylonbodied with fibre spacing washers and self-cleaning contacts in tin plated nickel-silver.

Spare Parts

Pro Tone Maker Plugs The Becker Signature

Protone Jason Becker Signature DistortionWe’ve been doing a roaring trade here at GAPco thanks to our current deal of 15% off Pro Tone Pedals.

Pro Tone specialize in twisting up traditional rock and metal distortion to produce sounds like you’ve never heard before, accompanied by some truly inspired artwork.

But we were especially chuffed to hear that Pro Tone founder Dennis Mollan’s personal rec is the Jason Becker Signature Distortion. He recently told Guitar Jar:

“My personal favourite is the Becker signature. I worked hard on the design and tweaking it just right, and to have one of my hero’s tell me he loves it… wow. Seriously, when I went to Jason’s house to demo the prototype for him, it was one of the highlights of my life in or outside of the industry. To play Jason’s historic guitars… dig through his boxes of gear- just a priceless moment in my life that I’ll never forget.”

So there you go, a personal endorsement not only from living legend Jason Becker, but Mr. Pro Tone himself.

Grab yourself a bargain while stocks lasts!

Paul Talbot commissioned to Design New Unique Smokey Amp Covers

Part of a new range of Smokey Amplifiers EXCLUSIVE to GAPco.

For these unique designs, we commissioned Paul Talbot, a Midlands based designer and creative artist, who produces both public and private work, in print, on screen and on skin!! P…aul has won a couple of design awards here and there. He has also been nominated for a Grammy twice, is a published animal rights poet and producer of a number 1 hit single.

PLEASE NOTE: The actual production designs are not yet finalised, and may be slightly different from that shown here

THESE SMOKEYS WILL BE AVAILABLE AROUND APRIL 2011, and are sure to sell like hot cakes.

Red Witch Empress Chorus from New Zealand Company

Check out their Site to hear what it sounds like.

Red Witch Empress Chorus Pedal“The Redwitch Empress is a three-dimensional modulation machine, and when you couple its vast array of sounds with absolutely wicked construction – and some cool graphics – you’ve got one of the drippiest sounding chorus/vibrato pedals ever made.”   (Guitar Player, May 2008, Empress Chorus)

Not just any ordinary analog chorus/Vibe pedal………
The Empress offers unparalleled chorus options; an infinite number of analog chorus/vibe devices in one box…

Her most enticing feature is the unique voicing control;
this dial allows you to access virtually any chorus sound you could desire! It changes the delay time – it’s on a pot so you’ve got an infinite number of chorus pedals in one box – from super spanky sparkling clean to noisy, sea-sick inducing, pitch bending wobble.

We’ve designed a circuit that lets you adjust the delay time via a potentiometer – from one extreme to the other and everything in between. In it’s most extreme settings the device will produce some hiss – this would be expected within the last third of the voicing controls sweep.

NEW JAM Pedals now in stock

Handmade in Greece, analog pedals, made from the highest quality materials on the market, rare NOS chips, specially selected matched NOS transistors and carbon comp resistors! Most of our pedals are offered in optional point-to-point version !

All of our pedals are true-bypass, made so not to affect your hard-earned tone.
Circuits are based on classic 60′s and 70′s vintage pedals that helped built the sound of Rock ‘n’ Roll, most times with an added twist!

Click here for our complete range of JAM Pedals

JAM Pedals

JAM Pedals

Zinky Master Blaster – Another satisfied customer!

Hi Andy,

The Zinky Master Blaster really is a great pedal. I use it in combination with Telecasters and Dr.Z-Amps (Carmen Ghia and MAZ Jr.) and it really pushes these amps nicely for soloing. I compared it to a few other boosters: Fulltone Fat-Boost and Fulldrive , Xotic RC-Booster, Durham Sex Drive, Analogman KoT and this MXR/CAE booster. For me it is by far the best.

The Durham is nice too but I use it in a different way: as a kind of a decent compressor.

Thanks for the good service!

And now for something completely different…

ZVEX Wah ProbeYou might have thought there wasn’t much more that could be done to a Wah Wah pedal, especially with perennial classics like the Jim Dunlop Cry Baby to fall back on.

Well, think again, because the crazy minds over at Zvex have come up with something so special that you’ll literally by left footloose and fancy free when you’ve plugged this one in.

The thing that makes the Zvex Wah Probe so unique is its Therimin-based copper plate, which replaces the traditional pedal expression you’re used to putting your foot on. What this means is, as soon as you get your foot (or any other object) near the plate, the wah starts to engage. The sounds this can produce are endless, especially when you start passing movements quickly in front of the plate.

The wah probe also comes with what Zvex call a “Super hard on” boost with a dial you can crank up to breaking point.

All in all, if you want something more than a little different, both in playing style and output, the Wah Probe is the best place to start experimenting. There’s just nothing else quite like it.

Start experimenting with crazy sounds, buy the ZVEX Wah Probe at Gapco today.

Versatility abounds in the Fulltone FULL-DRIVE 2

Fulltone FULL-DRIVE 2Singled out for praise by Guitar Player Magazine as one of the best effects ever, endorsed by the likes of the Rolling Stones and the Black Crowes and ubiquitous throughout the studios of New York and Nashville – Fulltone has hit the ground running with the Full-Drive 2.

The Full-Drive 2 is one of those effects pedals that does exactly what it’s designed to do, delivering top sound quality overdrive and boost while preserving the true tones of your amp.

Along with your overdrive and boost, the Full-Drive 2 gives you three modes, “comp cut”, “flat mids” and “vintage” offering even more versatility to your overdrive.

Don’t be fooled by the options though, it’s all out of the box easy to play, with Fulltone’s signature top quality build and finish.

Get your hands on the Fulltone Full Drive 2 at GAPco now!

GAPco has the best boutique effects pedals to buy online

Greer BATCH O ASS II effects pedal from GAPcoGAPco has some fo the tastiest and diverse boutique effects pedals out there.

Check out the Greer BATCH O ASS II – a high gain pedal offering mean distortion in addition to a substantial clean boost.

For truly inspired performance, look no further than the Electro Harmonix CATHEDRAL pedal – you’ll get 8 programmable reverb styles with the ability to load and save.

And here’s a solution to the dull tone problem so many effects pedal junkies suffer from.  The Solidgoldfx Buffer – plug it into your effects chain as close to the guitar as possible and hear the difference in a renenwed lively sound.

For more boutique effects, visit the full range of effects pedals from GAPco