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Buy Guitar Enclosures In Bulk and Save at GAPco!

Type B Guitar Enclosure

Type B Guitar Enclosure from GAPco

Attention all DIY Pedal Makers! Did you know that GAPco offer great savings when you buy your guitar enclosures in bulk? It’s true – We already offer a great selection of hard wearing die-cast aluminium pedal boxes at affordable prices, but why buy one enclosure when you can get a deal on buying just five.

That’s right, discounts on all our pedal enclosures across the board start when you buy just five of that particular enclosure in one order. Buy at least 50 at one time and the savings increase as the cost of each pedal box decreases even further.

Take, for instance, our Type B guitar enclosure, measuring 118x60x40mm and supplied unpainted with lid mounting screws.
Our price: £4.25 each

Buy 5 or more and each enclosure gets reduced to just £4.00
Buy 50 or more and the price drops to just £3.76 per enclosure.

Don’t delay, look at our full range of guitar enclosures here

Plastic Jack Sockets

Jack sockets are plentifully supplied at GAPco spares. We stock nylonbodied with fibre spacing washers and self-cleaning contacts in tin plated nickel-silver.

Spare Parts

Cut plectrums from old card or plastic

Why has no one done this before!
You can now cut plectrums from old credit cards or any other thin plastic with the Pickmaster.

Buy the Pickmaster at GAPco